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The Meaning & Mystery of Marriage DVD Video - Dr. Scott Hahn


Dr. Scott Hahn -- DVD Video

Whether you have been married one year or thirty, this DVD is a must for every Catholic couple. Make this DVD a date night on the couch with your husband or wife and watch one of the greatest communicators of the Catholic faith explain the importance of marriage.

As you listen to, and absorb these Biblical teachings, you can become a better communicator to your spouse and deepen your bond with your loved one.

You'll learn:
• How Saint Joseph plays a role in the lives of spouses
• How to call on the graces from the Sacrament of Matrimony
• Insights from Dr. Hahn on how to listen to your spouses every need
• How the marriage covenant can be compared to Jesus and His Bride (the Catholic Church)
• The spiritual tools that help spouses remain chaste to their husbands and wives
And much more

The divorce rate is no different in Catholic marriages as it is in civil unions, which is why it is important to get this DVD into the hands of every married Catholic couple. Act now and purchase this DVD for yourself, your parents, sons, or daughters.

Bonus Segment: Listen to a fifteen minute sobering segment (for men only) that will fire him up to be a more committed husband.

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