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Gospel of Matthew Audio CD Set - 12 CDs - Thy Kingdom Come - Dr Scott Hahn


A PERSONAL NOTE FROM SCOTT - Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Once again I?ve asked my friends at St. Joseph Communications if I could write to you about my tape series, Thy Kingdom Come: A Study on Matthew, the Gospel of the Church. I love Scripture, and it?s always exciting to study and teach God?s Word. But every once in a while a study will get me particularly excited. This series is one of those times. Why? First, Matthew?s Gospel is closely related to the important discoveries I shared in my study of Romans 9-11 (All Israel Will Be Saved). Secondly, Matthew lays the foundation upon which Paul later builds. Additionally, I?m excited about this series for the following reasons and why I hope you will be too! 1. Of the four Gospel accounts, the Gospel of Matthew has always been my personal favorite. (After over two decades of study, my fervor is still growing!) 2. Matthew tells us more about Christ?s plan to build his Church upon the Rock of Peter than the other three Gospels combined. 3. It was mainly my study of Matthew that showed me how Jesus fulfilled the Old Covenant and established the New?in and through the Catholic Church. 4. Matthew demonstrates, more than the other Gospel writers, how the Church is an essential part of God?s plan and Christ?s saving work. 5. Only Matthew shows how the Kingdom of Heaven is inseparably linked to and identified with the Church that Jesus builds and guards. 6. Matthew wrote primarily for Jewish-Christian readers, and emphasizes how Jesus restores the Davidic Kingdom?in the Church?since He is the Son of David. (This is where Matthew lays the foundation for Paul.) 7. As for the seventh reason . . . halfway through this series, Kimberly and I went on a week-long pilgrimage to Israel, where we enjoyed what may be the greatest week of our life together. During our visit, Matthew?s Gospel came alive more than I ever dreamed possible. It was my third visit. But on the other trips, the geography didn?t mean that much to me. This time it was different. The land itself came alive. And this study of Matthew is the reason why. It really made all the difference in the world?both for me and for my students. And I think that our visit to the Holy Land enriched this study of Matthew. It is my prayer and expectation that this study of Matthew will lead you into a deeper understanding and appreciation of our Lord, not only the ministry and miracles He performed in the past, but what he wants to do today?in your life, in your family, and in His Church. Sincerely yours in Christ, Scott Hahn ? IN THIS SERIES YOU WILL LEARN: How Jesus predicted the end of the world and when that will be. * How to deal with persecution from religious authorities * What the main theme is of the Sermon on the Mount * How Jesus transformed the Jews? understanding of Holiness from separatism to mercy * Why Galilee is of such great significance to Matthew * How Matthew presents Jesus as the new Moses * Why even Protestant scholars call Matthew ?the Gospel of Peter? and ?the Gospel of the Church?

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