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Science Gone Mad?

 Science Gone Mad?

I was recently disturbed while listening to a National Public Radio program in which cosmologists were expounding on various theories about the origins of the universe.

Apparently, there is growing evidence to support the idea that there are multiple universes. I have no problem with this theory. It has no impact on me other than to make me once again be astounded by God's infinite greatness and man's smallness in the scheme of things.

I've been around long enough to know that the intelligentsia who have inherited positions in our institutions of "higher learning" have a tremendous amount of pride and a great deal of disdain for any possibility of the existence of God. With that being said, I've got to tell you that I was shocked to hear one of the cosmologists state something like, "Just give me a stove and I'll cook up multiple universes. It's easy!" Now, I know that he might have gotten a little carried away in the exuberance of the moment. He might have even been trying to be funny, but, as they say, there's a little truth in all humor. This statement reflects a growing sickness that is plaguing the scientific community. Science is making a grave error when it begins to believe that the ability to analyze, name, and manipulate matter has anything to do with the ability to create matter or fully understand its ultimate origins.

Science takes great pride in telling us that our universe originated from something the size of an atom. Like the small size of the particle brings us closer to the solution of the eternal question, "Where did we come from?" They have based their whole theory on a false assumption; that something can come from nothing. I wish just one of them could tell me where that atom came from. It's much easier for me to believe that there is an omnipotent God that stands outside of space and time than to believe that matter created itself out of nothing and then proceeded to organize itself.  

I heard one "highly esteemed" cosmologist state that "Mother Nature" had caused order after the "Big Bang" Now, there's hard science at work! If you don't know why something occurs, just make up a psuedo god that doesn't really exist, but that somehow gives intelligence to the matter that makes up the universe. That's beautiful.

I didn't get a chance to see the "Big Bang", but I've seen a lot of "small bangs." I have yet to see an explosion of any type that produces order. I wish science could point to one example of such an event... Say something like a boy finding a tinker toy after he explodes a firecracker on the 4th of July.... Or...hmm...  how about having a Taj Mahal appear out of  nowhere after the Mount St. Helens volcanic explosion.  All we see after such events is chaos. In the case of Mount St. Helens, there was a pile of lumber strewn about like toothpicks where a forest had once been.

The more science learns, the more it reveals just how unbelievably complex and ordered our universe really is. It goes against all reason to believe that this could have happened without some type of intelligent being behind it.  

Of course, ultimately scientists don't really rely on science at all to explain our universe's origins. They can't. The universe's complexity is so far beyond our comprehension that it leaves scientists in the same humbled state as the rest of humanity. They have to give their ultimate explanations for our existence based off of their own belief systems; not something that they can study in a test tube or see through a telescope. This must be quite a humiliating blow to this elite group of individuals who can create universes.

Addison L. Dawson



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