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Medjugorje Miraculous Picture

Miraculous Medjugorje Photo

I believe that it would be appropriate to give a limited explanation of why we have included this photo on our website. This photo was given to us 5 minutes before our brother's body had been found after being lost for several days after an accidental drowning. It was an answer to a prayer to let us know that he was safely tucked away in heaven. The photo was taken in Medjugorje by the cousin of a close friend of my brother's in 1986. The story goes that she suddenly felt compelled to take a photo of the sun setting behind St. James Church. The photo was found, as is, in the middle of her pictures after she had returned to the U.S.

In the following links, we have pointed out the most obvious images. All of the images are made from the refraction of sun's rays on essentially the same spot on the photo. We have identified more images than we have referenced to here. We will leave it to you to identify any additional images. You might find something that we haven't.

Ultimately, the words written in regard to the miracles at Lourdes are fitting for a photo such as this.

"For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary. For those

who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible."



View Photo From Different Angles

Original Photo Angle

Mary With Veil (Original Photo Angle)

Jesus (Photo Turned 90 Degrees Counterclockwise)

Devil (Photo Turned 90 Degrees Clockwise)

To obtain a postcard of the image, just email us stating that you want a copy. Be sure to include your physical mailing address.


The Story of Medjugorje


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