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Faith Works: A Bible Study on The Letter of Saint James Audio CD Set - Dr. Scott Hahn


Dr. Scott Hahn -- 6 Talk Audio CD Set

Saint James is the sage of the New Testament, according to Dr. Scott Hahn.

Comparing the “hard-headed Hebrew wisdom” of the Letter of Saint James to the Old Testament book of Proverbs, Dr. Scott Hahn lends amazing new insights to the understanding of salvation by faith and good works through this most Catholic of all the New Testament epistles.

Dr. Hahn has a rarely-paralleled ability to unravel biblical mysteries, to correct misunderstandings, and to offer thoughtful, straightforward responses to common objections about the Catholic faith that often come back to the Letter of Saint James.

In this series you will learn:

• How Christians should respond to Christian persecution or Global unrest
• How to better control anger
• Why we need both right living and right doctrine
• What the “Royal Law of Liberty” is
• How Faith can be dead or alive
• The difference between envy and jealousy
• How material wealth can endanger spiritual health
• How Faith and works complement each other
• And much more...

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