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Life Giving Love - 3 Audio CD Set - Dr Scott and Kimberly Hahn


Discover the Christian Meaning of Sex and Marriage

Natural Law and Birth Controll

In this CD, Dr. Scott Hahn discusses the classical reasons why Christian teachers have opposed contraception, based on the “natural law” definitions of what is good for human beings and what leads to their ultimate happiness. Hahn shows how this philosophic tradition, while still legitimate and persuasive, has been complemented in recent years by a more “personalist” understanding of sexuality and the body. This “personalist” orientation is best exemplified by the teachings of Pope John Paul II, who emphasizes the “mutual selfgiving” of marital love and its full expression in children.

Marriage Convenant and Birth Control

Scott Hahn reviews the historical teaching of Christianity, from the earliest days of the Church up through and including all the Protestant reformers, against contraception. Although many people today believe that contraception is simply a “Catholic issue,” Hahn discovered in protestant seminary that for over 400 years every single major Protestant denomination condemned contraception as a sin against God. It was not until the Lambeth Conference of 1930 that the Anglican Church first considered the possibility that contraception might be a legitimate choice - but only for grave and serious reasons. The revolution in Christian teaching regarding contraception occured in a few short years - and the results, in terms of abortion, divorce and illegitimate children, are now becoming apparent.

The Bible and Birth Control

Declaring that “sex was God’s idea,” Kimberly Hahn explains in this final CD of the series how an intense study of the Bible helped focus her mind and heart on what is at stake in the controversy over birth conrtol. By exploring the theme of the covenant that is so central to the thinking of her husband, Kimberly shows how marital, procreative sexuality is an expression of God’s covenant with His people, a kind of sacrament. That sacramental sign of the covenant is profaned, she says, by contraception. Kimberly cites passage after passage in both the Old and New Testament which show that children are considered a blessing from God to be welcomed with joy, not a curse to be avoided.

3 Audio CD Set, Dr. Scott & Kimberly Hahn

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