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Our Father's Plan Facilitators Answer Guide


Written and successfully piloted by St. John the Apostle Church Bible Study in Oregon, this 24-week series is based on, and follows, the extremely popular 13-hour ?Our Father?s Plan? series hosted by Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins on EWTN. Using the Revised Standard Version ? Catholic Edition of the Bible, this in-depth study of salvation history begins with Genesis, continues through various Old Testament books, into the New Testament with the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. Each week?s lesson includes specific Bible readings, a group of detailed study questions on the Scripture readings, cross-references to The Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the suggested relevant segment of the film series for viewing. This work is excellent for personal use as well as group study. This facilitator?s guide provides the intended answers for the more factual biblical and doctrinal questions and thoughtful consideration for the personal application questions asked in the study booklet. It also includes helpful suggestions for setting up and coordinating a Bible Study. Recommended by Dr Scott Hahn., pp 51, Softback Booklet... catholic bible studies

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