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St. Francis Statue - 17 Inch - Hand-painted Polymer Resin


Please Note: Upon ordering, it takes 6 weeks to have this statue made. Please allow for this delay when ordering.

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St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of Animals, Ecology & Italy.

Feast Day: October 4th

The life of the glorious St. Francis, which was a miracle of humility, loudly condemns the wise ones of this world, to whom the sincere practice of this virtue, and the imitation of the cross of Christ appears a scandal and a folly, as the cross itself did to the Jews and Gentiles... In his youth he was too much led away with vain amusements, and was very intent on temporal gain; but he never let loose the reins of his sensual appetites, nor placed his confidence in worldly riches: and it was his custom never to refuse an alms to any poor man who asked it of him for the love of God. One day being very busy about his affairs, he let a beggar go away without an alms; but, immediately reproaching himself with want of charity, ran after the poor man, gave him an alms, and bound himself by a vow never to refuse it to any poor man that should ask it for the love of God: this vow he kept to his death.

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