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Pandoras Box Office - Hollywoods War on Traditional Family Values DVD Video


Pandoras Box Office: Hollywoods War on Traditional Family Values DVD Video - We've been in this work for nearly 20 years and I've never seen anything better on video or DVD at explaining the culture war, Hollywood, and a proper biblical response. Dr. Donald Wildmon, President and Founder of the American Family AssociationThe West - including most Christians - have been hypnotized; seduced by flickering images and stereophonic sound. Vain imaginations, masquerading as harmless entertainment, stand poised to succeed where economic depression and wars have failed. Hollywood has lifted the lid of Pandora's Box and now all hell is breaking loose. We are literally amusing ourselves to death. Together for the first time on one DVD, this award-winning, five-part documentary series examines the war being waged by the entertainment industry against the once dominant culture of Christianity. Learn how art has evolved from a mirror to reflect the world - into a hammer with which to shape it. And learn what you and your family can do to not just survive but even win this war of the worldviews. Part One - Power and Philosophy explains and documents how TV, movies, and music videos impact your children. This behind-the-scenes look at the silver screen equips you to filter out negative influences on your family. Part Two - Sex and Seduction describes that Hollywood is out to seduce you and your children. See how the entertainment industry delights in stretching the standards by violating sexual taboos and ridiculing Biblical sexuality. This section will help you prevent your family values from being undermined. Part Three - The Young and the Restless closely examines the entertainment industry and its correlation to rebellion manifested in youth. Subtitled The Roots of Teenage Rebellion, this section demonstrates the dangerous effects that modern media has on impressionable young. Part Four - Licensed to Kill asks, is there a connection between violence on TV and the ever increasing crime rate in the world? Hollywood pundits and apologists say no, but many of the experts give an unequivocal YES backing their answer with logic, reason and scientific studies. Heavy exposure to violence - on television, at the movies, in music - correlates with aggressive behavior, crime and violence on the streets. Part Five - Lights! Camera! Blasphemy! This two-part grand finale exposes popular culture's blasphemous representations of Christ and Christians. Eric Holmberg, founder and president of The Apologetics Group concludes with a practical strategy to enable individuals and the Church to tear down the idol of entertainment and replace it with the true spirit of worship in both the arts and entertainment. As a writer in Hollywood, I consider this series to be a critical resource for Christian discernment. Applying the material presented in this compelling DVD will help Christians find the balance between cultural abandonment and cultural accommodation that has plagued the reputation of the Church for too long. Brian Godawa, Christian and Hollywood Screenwriter (To End All Wars) For more than thirty years, most thinking people have understood that the idols of entertainment have been at the root of our cultural abasement. But we are all guilty to some degree of avoiding the implications of that understanding in our personal lives. When you see this DVD series you will understand, as I have, why this avoidance must be sundered entirely - and must be sundered now. Dr. George Grant, pastor, historian, author and educator, DVD Video / 210 min.

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